The Singing Slovenes
With their latest CD, you will most certainly recognize the familiar styles of Lojze Slak and Franc Mihelic and a blend of old traditional melodies and brand new songs from Slovenia. This CD features songs such as; "Mi Se Imamo Radi "(We Like Everybody), the crowd pleasing, "Ta Glazek Je Prazen" (This Glass is Empty", this CD offers the Singing Slovenes styling's on an all-time classic, the timeless "Edelweiss", and, of course, the title track of this CD, "Triglav". Sit back and relax, (if you can) and listen to the sounds of "The Singing Slovenes", as they present to you, "Triglav".

Track Listing
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1. Triglav - L.Slak/A. Papler/C. Dolgan
2. Visoko Nad Oblaki - (High Above the Clouds) L. Slak/F. Požek
3. Po Dekle – ( I'm going to find a Girlfriend ) L. Slak
4. Mi Smo Za Vse - (We are for Everybody) L. Slak
5. Sosedov Francelj - (This Neighbor Frank) L. Slak/I. Malavašič
6. Čebelar - (The Beekeeper) L. Slak/S. Podboj
7. Mat' Potico Pečejo - (Mom is Baking Potica) Ljudska
8. Halo Evropa - (Hello Europe) I. Podpečan
9. Edelweiss – R. Rodgers/O. Hammerstein
10. Mi Se Imamo Radi - (We Like Each Other) Ljudska
11. Ko Harmonika Zapoje - (When the Button Box Sings) F. Mihelič
12. Mi Ga Spet Žingamo - (We are Drinking Again) V. & S. Avsenik
13. Cleveland The Polka Town – W. Lausche
14. Vince Rumeno - (The Golden Wine) Beneška Narodna
15. Ta Glažek Je Prazen - (This Glass is Empty) Ljudska
16. Lahko Noč Everybody - (Good Night Everybody)
17. Bonus Track: A Tribute to Bentleyville – Traditional/ Lyrics F. Bucar & Singing Slovenes

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The Singing Slovenes - Triglav Item Number: ss-trig
Artist: The Singing Slovenes
Title: Triglav
Label: The Singing Slovenes
Format: CD
Released: 2011
Number of Discs: 1
Run Length: 53 min
Price: $14.97

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